SubComm’s 2023 in Review

By Tiina Tuominen Now that the new year is well underway, I have been looking back at everything we did in 2023, and where SubComm is at the beginning of 2024. 2023 was a fairly busy year for us. We held five Subtitle Chats with a variety of topics. At each of them we had … Read more

SubComm on the move

Written by Hannah Silvester and Tiina Tuominen Languages and the Media, Berlin Hannah Tiina and I recently attended Languages and the Media in Berlin to share news of SubComm and look for more people to join the community. It was great to be back in a room with all the wonderful people working on AVT, … Read more

An Interview with Mariana Ciocca Alves Passos: Ireland and AVT(E)

Written by Hannah Silvester I interviewed Mariana Ciocca Alves Passos, member of the executive committee of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA) about her work on the ITIA executive committee and her role as Irish representative to Audiovisual Translators Europe (AVTE). I found out more about what Mariana is hoping to achieve in these … Read more

Happy International Translation Day 2022!

Written by Tiina Tuominen Today is a day of celebration and recognition for translators and interpreters all over the world. We celebrate International Translation Day every year on 30 September, on the feast day of St Jerome. St Jerome is the patron saint of translators, and he is best known for his Latin translation of … Read more

Brief Thoughts on Next Steps for SubComm

Written by Hannah Silvester Since launching SubComm in 2021, Tiina and I have spoken a great deal about how to move the initiative forward. We have had fascinating discussions with practitioners about what this project might lead to. SubComm has been well-received by many, who are keen to see this community grow, and wondering where … Read more

Happy International Translation Day!

Every year on 30 September, the global translation and interpreting community comes together to celebrate International Translation Day. It is a great opportunity to make the work of translators and interpreters more visible, and to show our pride in our work. This year’s theme, selected by the International Federation of Translators, is “United in Translation.” … Read more

‘Share Your Story’: A great way to get to know one another!

On Monday 14th June, we invited subtitlers to join us for an online event, Share Your Story. The idea for the event arose from our very first debriefing event back in March, in which it emerged that subtitlers have such diverse backgrounds, experiences, clients, etc, that they really just wanted the chance to talk through these different ways of working, and their various … Read more

Welcome to SubComm!

SubComm is an initiative intended to bring together professional subtitlers and researchers with an interest in subtitling. We hope this community will allow all of us to get to know each other, learn from each other, and create new opportunities for research and collaborations for the benefit of the subtitling profession.