Subtitle Chats Recap – Analysing Subtitles

Our first subtitle chat of the new year was on the topic ‘Analysing subtitles’. It was great to see some new faces at the chat, and welcome back other people who have attended a few times before. We had an interesting discussion about analysing subtitles and some of the considerations and challenges that we encounter … Read more

SubComm’s 2023 in Review

By Tiina Tuominen Now that the new year is well underway, I have been looking back at everything we did in 2023, and where SubComm is at the beginning of 2024. 2023 was a fairly busy year for us. We held five Subtitle Chats with a variety of topics. At each of them we had … Read more

Subtitle Chat 24 November 2023: Subtitling humour 

In our most recent Subtitle Chat, we had a lively discussion on subtitling humour. Here are some highlights from the conversation.  Participants’ recommendations for translating humour:  Timing is important, so make sure to follow the pace of the original.  Keep it short.  Don’t cover relevant gestures with text.  Learn about the mechanics behind jokes, so … Read more

Surviving Translation: Experimental Guidelines for Translating Emotional Content in Documentaries

By Charlotte Bosseaux Dr Charlotte Bosseaux is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her main research interests are voice, performance and characterisation in translation and span different fields. She has worked on point of view in literary translation (monograph: How does it Feel: Point of View in Translation Rodopi, 2007) and now … Read more

Looking into the Effects of Machine Translation on Interlingual Subtitles

By Hanna Hagström Hanna Hagström holds a BA and two MAs in Translation Studies. She is a PhD student at the Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies at Stockholm University where she researches subtitling and teaches translation, subtitling, and translation theory. Her main research interest is interlingual subtitling, particularly in relation to new technology. Hanna … Read more

Eyeing Empirical Evidence for Subtitling Conventions

Written by Juha Lång Juha Lång, PhD, defended his dissertation on the reception of interlingual subtitles in February 2023 at University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. Currently his research interests involve translation in academic research as a member of ReTra research group and, as a member of DECA project, the role of machine translation in enabling … Read more

Sevita Caseres on Working Conditions in French Subtitling

In my previous post, I shared the first findings of my doctoral research, which focused on clients, workflows, and collaboration in the subtitling process. The project involved interviews and observations of seven English to French subtitlers. In this blog post, I will further explore these subtitlers’ perspectives on their working conditions. Working conditions are frequently discussed in … Read more

Subtitle Chats Recap – Take 4

Welcome to another Subtitle Chats recap! Our latest chat took place on Friday, 9 June, and we had a lively discussion about workflows, training, working with different kinds of clients, and so on.  Topic: My Ideal Subtitling Workflow  The purpose of this chat was to give everyone a chance to share their thoughts on what … Read more