Subtitle Chats Recap – Analysing Subtitles

Our first subtitle chat of the new year was on the topic ‘Analysing subtitles’. It was great to see some new faces at the chat, and welcome back other people who have attended a few times before. We had an interesting discussion about analysing subtitles and some of the considerations and challenges that we encounter … Read more

Subtitle Chat 24 November 2023: Subtitling humour 

In our most recent Subtitle Chat, we had a lively discussion on subtitling humour. Here are some highlights from the conversation.  Participants’ recommendations for translating humour:  Timing is important, so make sure to follow the pace of the original.  Keep it short.  Don’t cover relevant gestures with text.  Learn about the mechanics behind jokes, so … Read more

Subtitle Chats Recap – Take 4

Welcome to another Subtitle Chats recap! Our latest chat took place on Friday, 9 June, and we had a lively discussion about workflows, training, working with different kinds of clients, and so on.  Topic: My Ideal Subtitling Workflow  The purpose of this chat was to give everyone a chance to share their thoughts on what … Read more

Subtitle Chats Recap – Take 3

Welcome to the recap for our April Subtitle Chats! We gathered to discuss all things creative in audiovisual translation. If you missed it, read on to find a snapshot of what we talked about.  Topic: Creativity in Audiovisual Translation  In two groups, we were led by questions regarding templates, examples of when we have produced … Read more

Subtitle Chats Recap – Take 2

  Welcome to the second of our Subtitle Chat recaps! If you want to take a look at what came out of our Chat on February 24th, read on. Topic: Routes into the AVT Profession At our February Subtitle Chats, we discussed the different types of skills that are required of the modern AVT professional, … Read more

Subtitle Chats Recap – Take 1

  Welcome to the first recap of our subtitle chat events! For those who missed it (or those who want to refresh their memory), here is what we discussed: Topic: What should people know about subtitling? That it is a cultural activity, not just a linguistic one (or not just replacing words in one language … Read more

2nd September 22 | Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend

Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend Sign up here. Introducing Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend SubComm is launching a series of informal chats on questions related to subtitling. The topic of the first Subtitle Chat is ‘Phone a Subtitler Friend’. What is a question you have always wanted to ask a/nother subtitler? What is … Read more