2nd September 22 | Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend

Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend

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Introducing Subtitle Chats: Phone a Subtitler Friend

SubComm is launching a series of informal chats on questions related to subtitling. The topic of the first Subtitle Chat is ‘Phone a Subtitler Friend’.

What is a question you have always wanted to ask a/nother subtitler? What is a situation in which you wanted to talk to a/nother subtitler? If you have a professional interest in subtitling, please join us for a chat about things only a subtitler knows. We hope this will become a fun and enlightening conversation about subtitling practices, research challenges, and how a community like SubComm could offer a platform for those questions.

Join us online on Friday, 2 September, at 4pm BST/5pm CET and meet colleagues from around the world. Please sign up by Wednesday 31 August. We will send a Zoom link to all participants on 1 September.

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