An Interview with Mariana Ciocca Alves Passos: Ireland and AVT(E)

Written by Hannah Silvester I interviewed Mariana Ciocca Alves Passos, member of the executive committee of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA) about her work on the ITIA executive committee and her role as Irish representative to Audiovisual Translators Europe (AVTE). I found out more about what Mariana is hoping to achieve in these … Read more

Quality, Creativity, Expertise – Some thoughts on the Iyuno-SDI White Paper on Subtitling

Written by Tiina Tuominen A few months ago, Iyuno-SDI published a white paper  discussing the subtitling process and related considerations, such as the talent crunch, or shortage of competent subtitlers. Some audiovisual translators and translators’ organisations have published their responses (e.g. ATRAE, AVÜ and AVTE), particularly to the talent crunch issue. With this blog post, … Read more