Sharing knowledge between academia and the industry in the Journal of Audiovisual Translation

Old books on a bookshelf

In 2021, Hannah and I edited a special issue of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation, and it was published right before the end of the year. The theme of the special issue, which was inspired by SubComm, is Sharing Knowledge Between Academia and the Industry: Audiovisual Translation and Accessibility Research for Practice. Our aim for … Read more

Happy International Translation Day!

Every year on 30 September, the global translation and interpreting community comes together to celebrate International Translation Day. It is a great opportunity to make the work of translators and interpreters more visible, and to show our pride in our work. This year’s theme, selected by the International Federation of Translators, is “United in Translation.” … Read more

Researching reception and audiences

One of my areas of interest in subtitling research is reception: How do viewers read subtitles? How is it possible to simultaneously read subtitles and watch the rest of the programme? Is the viewing experience different with subtitles than without them? What would be the optimal layout, reading speed, and linguistic choices to make subtitles … Read more